How Do I Find a Skilled Nursing Facility for My Loved One?

Skilled nursing homes are a blessing for those who need more than just regular, everyday help from family members and assisted living. Most stays at a skilled nursing facility in Lafayette, LA, are short when the patient requires help after a major accident, surgery, or illness. However, some stays can be lengthy when the patient requires constant supervision from a trained professional due to their physical or mental health status. Since the staff at a nursing home are trained nurses, you can rest assured that your loved one is in safe hands.

Finding the best skilled nursing & rehab facilities near you for a loved one can seem challenging. Here are some things to consider when opting for one.

Consideration #1- The Facility: Skilled nursing facilities act as a home for your family member as long as their condition requires. It makes it very crucial that you check the facility yourself for cleanliness, maintenance, services, and security. While you can get images and reviews on the website, it is best to experience the facility yourself.

Consideration #2- The Staff: Many people rely on word-of-mouth reviews or visit the premises of a nursing care facility only once. However, it is recommended that you see the skilled nursing facility yourself at least twice, with one time being a short notice visit. When there, assess how the staff members treat the residents and how they communicate with them, aside from their medical hands-on expertise.

Consideration #3- The Services Offered: You are admitting your loved one to a nursing facility so the professionals can help them in the best possible way. While the services offered are different for each facility — and you may not need each of them — knowing that they are available when needed is a great relief. However, the essential services offered at Cornerstone Nursing Home, Lafayette, LA, are health care services, physical, occupational, and speech therapies, long-term care, 24-hour nursing, dietary consultations, and social services.

Consideration #4- The Staying Costs: A stay in the skilled nursing facility may not be for a short time, and you may need financial assistance in that case. You should ask your chosen nursing facility about their charges and tell them your budget. You can also ask if Medicare covers some or all of these costs.

Consideration #5- The Location: Location and distance from your residence are significant factors in determining the visit schedule. Regular visits are good for the family member living in a skilled nursing facility for moral support. Proximity to the skilled nursing and rehabilitation center will also make picking up and visiting during weekends and other occasions more feasible.

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