Wound Care: How To & Best Strategies

Injuries can happen at any time. Some heal themselves, while others need attention and care from medical professionals. The principle procedure of wound care is:

  • identifying the wound type, 
  • defining potential factors that might affect the wound healing process, and 
  • applying appropriate treatment to aid natural healing. 

Learning the concepts of first aid and proper wound care can be beneficial for you, whether you are in the medical field or not.

Let us see some effective strategies for wound care.

Strategy #1- Clean the Wounded Area: If the wound is dirty, it is necessary to clean it to reduce the chances of infection. Before touching the wound, sanitize your hands and wear clinical gloves. Next, clean the wound under running tap water and gently scrub with a washcloth. 

Strategy #2- Apply Pressure to Stop the Bleeding: It is important to stop bleeding from the wound to apply the dressing properly. First, remove any cloth, debris, and visible object from the wound. Wear clinical gloves and apply pressure around the injury to elevate that area. If an object is stuck inside the wound, apply pressure around the object to push it out. It is crucial to avoid putting pressure directly over the object as it can penetrate deeper inside. Once the bleeding reduces or stops, apply appropriate dressing to maintain the pressure around the wounded area.

Strategy #3- Use Antibiotics to Prevent Infections: Wounds can quickly get infected if not properly cared for. After cleaning the area properly, use any antiseptic ointment in your first-aid kit and cover it with a bandage. If the infection increases, or is not getting better, it is best to inform a doctor. They will suggest some antibiotics or antiseptics to reduce the growth of the infection-causing pathogen gradually. They may also remove the infected area surgically if the need arises. 

Strategy #4- Apply Dressing to the Wound: A common type of dressing might not work for all wounds, making it critical for you to identify the type and level of the injury. You will need to bandage the wound with the appropriate dressing after cleaning and applying ointment. It is necessary to keep contaminants, microorganisms, and dirt away from the injury. It also helps to reduce moisture in the wound and promote the natural healing process. Apply gauze pads or a composite dressing to stop bleeding, and then wrap a bandage to hold the dressing in its place. If there is an infection, you must visit your doctor. 

Strategy #5- Following a Dressing Regime: In slow-healing wounds, regular observation and following a dressing regime are crucial. In some cases, you won’t need to remove the eschar, while in others, debridement is required.

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