Services Offered in Skilled Nursing Facilities

The primary focus of Cornerstone nursing home, Lafayette LA, is to help people rehabilitate or recover post-hospitalization from an injury caused by an accident or illness. Although stays at skilled nursing homes are often assumed to be short, usually under thirty days, your skilled nursing facility at Lafayette, LA, may provide services for longer. These services depend on the patient and the facility.

If you are considering one, here are the services offered by the best skilled nursing & rehab facilities near you.

Short-Term Skilled Nursing Services-

Short-term skilled nursing services are best suited for patients recovering post-injury or surgery before returning to their homes or an assisted living facility. Their stays are usually less than thirty days. Here are some short-term services provided at a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center:

  • Post-hospital/ post-surgery care: These services include intravenous therapy, ventilator care, internal feeding, tending to wounds, neurological care, management of infectious diseases, and rehabilitation for complex medical history.
  • Daily activities assistance: It includes assistance for activities done as a routine by the patient like eating, dressing-up, self-care, and regular medication. This service will also care for people suffering from memory loss or those with behaviors deemed dangerous to others.
  • Incontinence care: These include bowel and bladder incontinence care that usually occurs with age. It will also include all types of the catheter and colostomy care.
  • Rehabilitation: Led by professionals, these services provide restorative rehabilitation to help patients improve their health using effective exercises and education.
  • Medication administration: Patients who do not have any experience handling medications and suffer from conditions requiring close monitoring of medication performance can avail of this service. It includes monitoring new medications, checking the reactions of various pills on the patient, and documenting unstable conditions and continuing probability of complications. It also includes initiating tube feeding, nasogastric tube, and percutaneous tube, and gastronomy.
  • Diabetes management: Diabetic patients with severe cases can suffer a lot and have difficulty keeping track of their blood glucose levels and medications. Diabetes can also lead to other problems like high or low blood pressure, loss of eyesight, and difficulty walking, etc. Diabetes management includes monitoring blood glucose levels, blood pressure, medications, nutrition, and diet. It also involves meal planning, the personal coping ability for each patient, and designing preventative measures for hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation: This service provides support and assistance to patients suffering from lung conditions. It helps them improve their lung function and manage their symptoms.
  • Other services at a skilled nursing facility: You can avail many more services in a skilled nursing facility like physical and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology services, stroke recovery, therapeutic and special diets, and management of infectious diseases.

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